How Filipino Culture still amazes me!


'Bayanihan' always comes first in my mind when we talk about 'Filipino Culture'. Something that my parents taught me when I was growing up. It was always the subject in every Essay Writing Contest, Slogan Making Contest, and Poster-Making Contest. Now I understand why Teachers always talk about it, trying to always make it a subject or topic in every single contest.

Wherever we go, I can see 'Bayanihan' in every Filipino. My family and I have resided in the Philippines, in Singapore, and now in Australia. At those 2 countries (other than the Philippines), I can say that the word 'Bayanihan' still lives in every single Filipino we have met. Being grateful to them as they played a very important part in our lives right now.

I have seen different ways of 'Bayanihan'. Helping each other when someone's in need, sharing posts that helps a small business grow, helping in moving, being there when you are feeling down, and so on. I think it sums up all the key traits of being grateful, kind, helpful, humble, caring, and being gentle. It is a big word. I used to join Poster-Making contests when I was in Primary and Secondary years. And 'Bayanihan' was my favourite subject. It was easy to draw as you'll just draw people holding hands around the Earth! :) Yup! As what you have imagined hehe! And I think that, that symbolizes all the different kinds of traits of 'Bayanihan'.

Now that we have Pabili Po Online Filo Store here in Melbourne, we definitely feel the warmth of the Filipinos supporting each other. It may be hard, but it's all worth it! 


Ericka Em S. Valdez

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